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pUNKs oF aKROn

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This is a community for punk rockers of the Greater Akron area of Ohio.
12 oz. rebels, a common ground, activism, afi, against all authority, agent 51, akron, alien ant farm, alkaline trio, anarchists, anti-flag, anti-hot topic, bad religion, bass, bauhaus, benign, big black, black flag, boots, born losers, bouncing souls, boy sets fire, bracelets, brodiepunk, calibretto 13, catch 22, combat boots, concerts, creepers, dead kennedys, dropkick murphys, electric frakenstein, exploited, eyeliner, finch, fireside bowl, fishnet, folk punk, from autumn to ashes, garage, glasseater, good riddance, gothic, green day, grommet belts, guitars, guttermouth, halloween, hardcore, hardcore punk, helen of troy, her chocolater mess, indie, johnny rotten, lagwagon, larger than life, leather, less than jake, loose end, losers, lucid nation, lucky 7, makeshift, misfits, modest mouse, mohawks, mxpx, necklaces, nerd, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, nofx, ohio, operation ivy, orgasmo, patches, pennywise, pins, plaid, plaid skirts, pop punk, punk, punk rock, punk subculture, punks, rancid, records, rock, rock and roll, rx bandits, safety pins, saves the day, sick shift, ska, ska punk, skate punk, skull caps, skulls, social distortion, spidersuit, strung out, subculture, subhumans, sublime, suicide, surf punk, swinging utters, the ataris, the atomic, the casualties, the clash, the cooters, the crow, the cure, the dead kennedys, the dreaming, the electric eels, the fall, the get up kids, the icarus line, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the misfits, the offspring, the promise ring, the ramones, the residents, the scissor girls, the screamers, the sex pistols, the slits, the starting line, the stooges, the vandals, the velvet underground, thrift stores, underground punk rock, used goods, vintage clothes